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Our projects!

Here we would like to present our current projects and cooperations:

Our projects!

Here we would like to present our current projects and cooperations:


English Native Speaker in Styrian Kindergartens

English Native Speaker in Styrian Kindergartens

"English Native Speaker in Styrian Kindergartens" is a project that was launched on the initiative of the WKO Styria in cooperation with the Club International in the winter semester 2012/2013.

The primary target group are kindergarten children between the ages of 3 and 5.

  • The aim is, on the one hand, to promote early learning of the foreign language English and, on the other hand, to reduce the fear of contact towards people from abroad.
  • It is also the aim to offer the Native Speakers, who are mostly partners of international skilled and key staff employed in Styria, the opportunity to connect socially within the framework of this project. This should contribute to successful integration.
  • Another aim is to introduce the English language and culture to the Styrian children in a playful way once a week. During their visit, the Native Speakers recruited for this project introduce the English language to the children in a playful way, for example through English songs, stories, and books.


The Native Speakers visit a kindergarten once a week and play, sing and do gymnastics with the children in English. This not only promotes the acquisition of the foreign language, but also builds up multicultural understanding.

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CINT Tandem, Family and Friends - let’s get together!

CINT Tandem, Family and Friends - let’s get together!

CINT TFF has been the most recent project of Club International. This project was started in summer 2020 and aims at connecting expatriates and their families with Austrians.

CINT offered this project to find tandem buddies through this project for all interested Austrians and the expats of CINT’s member companies. Anyone who was interested in meeting other people from around the world and has been looking for someone to improve language skills, share a hobby with or learn about a new culture was welcomed to participate. We didn’t set any limits: Whether it was single household or an entire family, whether it was to find a family to share family activities together or simply a hobby as any kind of sport while practicing German and English, we did our best to find the right counterparts and the interest in the project was overwhelming. Therefore, we have been very happy to have matched so many people!

Tandem, Family and Friends

BEST - Status: Project completed

“Boosting Entrepreneurial Skills as Tool of integration of migrants to labour market”

CINT entered this project early 2020. Our expatriates have the unique opportunity to join this project at no costs: FH JOANNEUM offers a tailored training programme “Basics of social entrepreneurship business modelling”.

  • This project aims to promote swift integration of Third County Nationals into the labour market through strengthened cooperation and mobilization of employers and social and economic partners to become active on this topic;
  • BEST encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills of Third Country Nationals s in order to engage them in various business initiatives, career development and to improve personal growth of this target group;
  • a specific pedagogical framework based on non-formal and blended learning methodologies has been developed and tested within BEST with the aim to enable Third Country Nationals with the necessary tools and upgraded skills to become self-employed and entrepreneurs;
  • the entrepreneurship education represents a useful tool to increase the economic and social integration of Third Country Nationals in the labour market.
  • This project is a European project funded by the AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) from the European Commission, DG for Migration and Home Affairs and goes on until June 30, 2021.

The very fist training programme has been conducted in summer semester 2020. FH JOANNEUM as well as CINT, together with other project partners represent a supportive business and learning environment in which young people are able to develop the appropriate mindset and skills for entrepreneurship.

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